We understand in today’s world full of technology that everyone owns a device capable of capturing video. With the continued growth of social media platforms its everyones desire to be able to share there adventures with the world. The problem many run into is, WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL OF MY FOOTAGE? well…… Volksen Media has the answer!

We are excited to launch our new editing service! Our goal is to take all the exciting adventures, memories, and events you have captured over the years and help you turn them into watchable stories that can be shared throughout your various social media platforms.  

Vm editing.png

Video editing options

We make the video editing service as simple as possible. Your job is simple, select the package that best fits what you are looking for. Place your raw unediting video content onto a drive and ship it directly to the Volksen Media studio. We take care of the rest.



The Video Creator package is the best bang for your $BUCK$. This package is perfect for videos such as family vacations, action sports clips, birthday slideshows, or simple highlight reels.

It includes:

1 - 2 min edited video

1 - licensed song for all social media platforms

1 - Flash Drive with hard copy of Final edit

1 - online downloadable version of final edit

Total: $250


next level

The next level package is designed for more time intensive projects. If you are looking to have your footage transformed into a short film or have a run time longer than 5 min, this is your package. This is a favorite to a lot of hunters and outdoors enthusiasts who self film multi day trips . Because of the detail put into the final edit this package is an hourly based price.

This package break down:

  • $80 per hour editing time

  • $50 per licensed song used in final edit

  • $10 upload/download digital file of final edit

  • portable hard drive must be purchased by client


Adobe After effects

The Adobe After Effects Package is an add on option choice for either the “video creator” or “Next Level” packages. By purchasing this package it unlocks a whole new level of creativity to your videos. Bringing to life TEXT, GRAPHICS, and SPECIAL EFFECTS, this package will surely make your video stand out.

Package price: $150

If you have any additional questions about our editing services please reach out to us. We want to make sure your project receives the most professional service we have to offer. Click the “I’ve got questions” button below to get in touch with us.